Project Management

Fix your processes and grow

Projects deliver change to an organization. Outside of normal routine, projects are designed to accomplish a particular goal, often involving people who don’t usually work together. Project management professionals carve out time and space to allow a temporary team to reach its objectives within clearly agreed measures of time, cost and scope.

While this might sound like a successful outcome, there are further success factors along the timeline:

  1. Project is within time, cost and scope (short-term goal)
  2. Project brings value to the customer by addressing the original “pain”
  3. Project is adding long-term benefits to business success
  4. Project prepares company for the future by being scalable and/or allowing other elements to build on it (very long-term view)


We have seen multi-million-dollar projects being declared a success by IT while business never fully implemented it. Projects, where time and budget were extended by more than factor 2, yet the organization had no pre-determined breaking point. There are many factors adding to project failure and they can be found on every level and in every stage of a project. Schweizer PM will do their best to avoid and mitigate any of the following issues:

  • Unclear project governance
  • Fuzzy scope / outcomes not defined
  • Unrealistic timeline
  • Moving target
  • False/missing reaction to risk occurrence
  • Missing customer need
  • Too much risk in the project overall
  • Project duration too long
  • Requirements are not clear / not clearly understood
  • Budget cuts during project flight
  • No transparent communication

Tree swing project (source: anonymous)